IBC '06: The Second International Workshop on Incentive-Based Computing

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IBC '06 Conference

Program chairs: Daniel Grosu (Wayne State University) and Jonathan Shapiro (Michigan State University)
Location: Lisboa, Portugal
Co-located with: IEEE ICDS 2006
Date: July 4, 2006


1. Multi-radio Channel Allocation in competitive wireless networks, M. Felegyhazi, M. Cagalj and J.P. Hubaux (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Swittzerland)

2. The power of the defender, M. Gelastou, M. Mavronicolas, V. Papadopoulou and A. Philippou (University of Cyprus)

3. Interdomain routing as a social choice, R. R. Dahdouk, H. Wang, H. Xie and Y. Richard Yang (Yale University)

4. Flow-based reource allocation in a multiple-access wireless market using an auction, M. Roggendorf and F. Beltran (University of Auckland, New Zealand)

5. Enforcing Truthful Rating Equilibria in Electronic Marketplaces, T. G. Papaioannou and G. D. Stamoulis (Athens University of Economics and Business, Greece)

6. WS-Auction: Mechanism design for a web services market, T. Stef-Praun and V. Rego (Purdue University, USA)