NetEcon '11: Workshop on the Economics of Networks, Systems and Computation

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NetEcon '11 Conference

Program chairs: Program chairs: John Douceur (Microsoft Research) and
Asu Ozdaglar (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Location: San Jose, California
NetEcon 2011 will be held in conjunction with EC'11 as part of the ACM Federated Computing Research Conference.
Date: June 6, 2011


Session 1: Accounting Mechanisms:

1. Making Currency Inexpensive with iOwe, Dave Levin (HP Labs), Aaron Schulman (University of Maryland, College Park), Katrina Lacurts (MIT CSAIL), and Neil Spring and Bobby Bhattacharjee (University of Maryland, College Park)

2. On the Sybilproofness of Accounting Mechanisms , Sven Seuken and David Parkes (Harvard University)

Session 2: Real-World Data

3. The Sunk Cost Fallacy in Reverse Auctions, Yu Wu (Stanford University), Hang Ung (Ecole Polytechnique), and Christina Aperjis (HP Labs )

4. Economics of BitTorrent Communities, Ian Kash, John Lai and Haoqi Zhang (Harvard University), and Aviv Zohar (Microsoft Research)

5. Vanishing Signals: Trading Agent Kills Market Information, Rainer Boehme (University of Muenster) and Jens Grossklags (Pennsylvania State University)

Session 3: Social Networks

6. Multi-level Revenue Sharing for Viral Marketing, Zeinab Abbassi and Vishal Misra (Columbia University)

7. Prisonerís Dilemma on Graphs with Large Girth, Vahideh Manshadi and Amin Saberi (Stanford University)

8. On Global Games of Regime Change in Networks, Munther Dahleh, Alireza Tahbaz-Salehi, John Tsitsiklis and Spyros Zoumpoulis (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Session 4: Network Games

9. Access Point Selection under Emerging Wireless Technologies, Ben-Alexander Cassell, Timur Alperovich, Michael Wellman and Brian Noble (University of Michigan)

10. A Facility Location Problem under Competition, Yonatan Gur and Nicolas E. Stier-Moses (Graduate School of Business, Columbia University)

Session 5: Market Theory

11. The Price of Free Spectrum to Heterogeneous Users, Thanh Nguyen, Hang Zhou, Randall Berry, Michael Honig and Rakesh Vohra (Northwestern University)

12. Multi-period Optimal Energy Procurement and Demand Responses in Smart Grid with Uncertain Supply, Libin Jiang and Steven Low (California Institute of Technology)

13. Flat Versus Metered Rates, Bundling, and "Bandwidth Hogs", Papak Nabipay, Andrew Odlyzko and Zhi-Li Zhang (University of Minnesota)

14. Enabling Spectrum Sharing in Secondary Market Auctions, Ian Kash, Rohan Murty and David Parkes (Harvard University)