NetEcon: Workshop on the Economics of Networks, Systems and Computation

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The NetEcon workshop series was formed as a merger of the P2PECON, IBC and PINS workshops. The NetEcon workshop series has proven to be a successful and important workshop series, drawing an audience from systems, networks, AI and theory. In 2013, the NetEcon workshop was held jointly with the Workshop on Pricing and Incentives in Networks (W-PIN).

It is our hope that NetEcon will serve as a forum to discuss early-stage, creative research, i.e., that expanded, polished versions of some NetEcon-proceedings papers will appear later in the major conference proceedings and refereed journals of relevant research communities. Authors for whom publication in the NetEcon proceedings would preclude later publication of an expanded version in the relevant venue may elect to contribute only a one-page abstract of their submitted paper to the NetEcon proceedings; such an abstract should include the URL of a working paper or preprint that contains the main results presented at the NetEcon workshop.

W-PIN+NetEcon 2014:
The joint Workshop on Pricing and Incentives in Networks and Systems
June 16, 2014
in conjunction with ACM SIGMETRICS 2014 (Austin, TX, USA)

Steering Committee:
John Chuang, U.C. Berkeley
Nick Feamster, Georgia Tech
Joan Feigenbaum, Yale University

Daniel Grosu, Wayne State University

David Parkes (Chair), Harvard University
Emin Gun Sirer, Cornell University
Paul Spirakis, University of Patras
Milan Vojnovic, Microsoft Research

Contact Information:
David Parkes, Harvard University
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